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One to one appointments

The report

You know your shine. You have experienced it and it has payed off. Others tell you that you have a good career, that you are a person with good influence or a team leader. However, you are not moving forward as you wished, you are stalled by a situation, you can not reach the next step, your reputation peaks... In any case, you run out of breath for lack of clarity and results.

My support

I intervene at a key moment in your life when you find yourself at a crossroad. In front of the directions that are available to you, or even before the apparent dead ends, I do everything possible to remove the obstacles that prevent you from becoming the person you envision to be in your life. Doubts, downturns, lack of leadership, lack of performance, are poisons that I eliminate to free you and put you back on the road to excellence.

Thanks to personalized coaching, which takes place in an atmosphere of mutual trust, where communication is extremely important, I restructure your way of thinking. By looking for information hidden in your subconscious (more concerning this topique can be found in my biography), I introduce you to a global view that explains where you currently stand, as well as the why and how. In the end, through exercises and a personalized method (developed by myself), you will receive the necessary advice that will enable you to make the right decisions, have a reinforced thought process, affirm your charisma, learn how to talk about yourself, reposition yourself in the ideal trajectory for you, where you are now considered the best.

Several options available depending on your situation

A two-hour session, which is a transforming meeting turned towards concrete results.

If you want to go further involved, custom coaching for half a day or a whole day (contact me for more information).