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Intervention at the heart of your organization

With my experience as a coach / mentor, I regularly intervene with decision makers who encounter problems in their organization (company, association, NGO, community ...).

A general diagnosis

When the ecosystem no longer functions correctly or slows down by internal or external blockages, all directions are impacted as a whole. By immersing myself within teams for a necessary amount of time, I am able to make a general diagnosis, which allows me to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the environment as a whole, to remove barriers that are sometimes unconscious.

My approach makes it possible to quickly re-establish a suitable environment as well as a good communication. From what now become a healthy base, it becomes possible to reposition the employees in the right place, to spot out those that are pilots, to improve exchanges, to insure a cohesiveness within the team, give full support to decisions made and insure a collective understanding.

As a constructive coach, I capitalize throughout the process on the talents of each person within the organisation, calling out to my boldness and suppleness, all supported with a heightened energy.

Business Development Consulting

In direct collaboration with the CEO, I can discover, through my abilities and experience, the best trajectory to give the company. I will help you redefine your strategy by creating and anticipating a long-term value that is built on your customers, your market, and your internal and external relationships. Thus, you leave with a pragmatic solutions in order to seize growth opportunities.

Result: your actions and those of your collaborators have a clear vision and clear direction, well-being at work, efficiency and productivity, time saving, turnover rising, notoriety.